Introduction To AbnormalArts

Hello Fellow Personalities…

AbnormalArts is all about personalities within us. My personalities and I are all about creation. My name is Cindy Jo. I create things that are absurd, odd, surreal, fantastic, strange, and sometimes beautiful (in the eye of the beholder).

I (we) have many years of practice under our belts as to how to do this and how to NOT do that when it comes to our creative process. I love to share ideas, as well as give instruction on how to find your other personalities.

I offer myself and my services to commission work. I’ve completed commissions for people from all over he world. If you’re not sure what it is you’d like me to create for you, just simply say so. I’ll give you some suggestions as to how to find what it is that you are looking for (or what your should is searching for) by just suggesting some key words that may invoke a thought or a feeling. Or, I can come up with something myself and surprise you.

I’m based out of Clinton Township, Michigan. I like where I live and I love what I do. Let me do something specific for you.